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You know I thought I’d be disappointed in the the LOE pony creator, but it actually had a decent mane style for me to use, only disappointment was the lack of wristbands and a cutie mark that more closely resembles a volume symbol, some Big Mac eyes would’ve been nice too lol

equestriaafterdarkblog asked:

Now I know there's a story behind that analogy.







I don’t think that some people who follow artists realize something:

This isn’t a situation of “the customer is always right”.

We aren’t here to bend over backwards to make sure you have a nice stay.

If you commission us, that’s a totally different ballgame, but for shit that we draw for free? We owe you nothing. There hasn’t been any exchange of anything. Where the fuck do these guys get off on acting like we’re indebted to them?

I feel like I know who that shitstain anon is. 

Seriously though, I don’t think anything in the world pisses me off more than these self entitled people that try to play the “supportive follower(s)” card to try and get an artist to make something for free to cater to that one persons interests, even worse when that person calls the artist a horrible human being for not doing so. 

Blitzpony handled it a lot better than I would’ve though, I have zero tolerance for that shit.

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