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equestriaafterdarkblog asked:

Now I know there's a story behind that analogy.







I don’t think that some people who follow artists realize something:

This isn’t a situation of “the customer is always right”.

We aren’t here to bend over backwards to make sure you have a nice stay.

If you commission us, that’s a totally different ballgame, but for shit that we draw for free? We owe you nothing. There hasn’t been any exchange of anything. Where the fuck do these guys get off on acting like we’re indebted to them?

I feel like I know who that shitstain anon is. 

Seriously though, I don’t think anything in the world pisses me off more than these self entitled people that try to play the “supportive follower(s)” card to try and get an artist to make something for free to cater to that one persons interests, even worse when that person calls the artist a horrible human being for not doing so. 

Blitzpony handled it a lot better than I would’ve though, I have zero tolerance for that shit.


Topic in the stream came to lips, and I doodled some little examples.

These are just my own personal tastes/preferences.

I’m not a fan of really detailed lips, especially with lipstick, as seen in #1. Just the lipstick without the detailed lips (#2) is still a turnoff for me, but I can see it having its uses.

I find that I like no-lips the best (#6) because I like the simplicity of it and it looks cuter to imo. But if there has to be lipstick, I like when it’s shown on the bottom lip only (#3). And if it doesn’t have to be lipstick, it can be just a noticeable lip with a lighter tone (#4); I also find that the more subtle it is, the more I like it since it’s a little something extra that doesn’t draw all the attention (#5).

There are some rare instances where I find full detailed lips appealing, and while it’s mostly a case-by-case situation, I think #7 is a good example.

These are actually my exact thoughts, I also find the more subtle you make the lips, the better they look. I don’t mind when characters have lipstick, but I think the design looks much better when it doesn’t draw too much attention, #3 and #5 are my ideal lips for adding lipstick to a character, I will say that I very much agree that no lipstick (like #6) looks much more fitting in most anime styles and just looks cuter too.

I see it kind like putting too much makeup on a person, the less there is, the more natural it looks, and since a lot of anime girls look so young, it’s more fitting that they be portrayed with little to no makeup, and it directs more attention to other details of the face as opposed to putting too much attention on one part. 

So anyway, that’s kinda why I don’t draw my characters with lipstick, I’m just not a fan of the look unless I’m trying to make the character look more mature (which is pretty much never). 

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