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Just posting this on this here blog
I started up a Patreon account to help me with finances for school and such, I’m new to this, so sorry if it doesn’t look very polished or anything. Just letting you know, it’ll be open from now on, do whatever you feel, I will not stop drawing if I don’t get any money, but you will be helping with the little things in life to allow me to draw more.

Link can be found on the blog, or here.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous asked:

My Little Pony is literally the only good show that isn't anime.


lmao my little pony is by far the least of my favorites in the cartoon category , i still like it , don’t take it wrong , but there are better cartoons out there other than colorful horses and their friendship

Either this guy’s trolling, or he’s a huge fuckin’ weeb.

Small rant here


You know those side-by-side comparison drawings where you take an old piece and redraw it in your current style? I hardly ever see any actual comments on improvement, generally people just say which one they prefer, and that bothers me a bit.

People who work hard to learn and feel better about their skills like to know that the end result matches up with the journey, that’s the whole point of those redraws, to actually feel like they’ve improved over time, and when people just say shit like, “Eh, I like the old one better” and nothing else, it’s really discouraging. That’s refusing to acknowledge any positive change the artist clearly worked for, in favor of stating a preference that really wasn’t asked for, we want to hear about what we improved.

Granted there are people out who will break an image down and describe the changes and improvements, and that’s the kind of comment that’s wanted, actual well informed ones that can find the appeal in one or both images while still acknowledging the progress. Unfortunately too many people out there are uninformed, and all it leads to is uninformed opinions that help in no way…


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